ENEOS Products

ENEOS lubricants have been developed using racing technology. It is very satisfying about racing technologies helping the environment while improving the performance of even ordinary cars.

  • ENEOS 0W-20 Blended with organic molybdenum friction reducers. As a result, the oil minimizes friction and enables superb fuel economy.
  • ENEOS 0W-50 ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 is the ultimate 100% synthetic oil for gasoline engines. ENEOS Motor Oil 0W50 is especially suited for sports cars with large engine displacements and high outputs.
  • ENEOS 5W-20 100% synthetic oil with outstanding fuel-saving properties. For drivers who value good fuel economy.
  • ENEOS 5W-30 This motor oil brings out the best performance from all types of gasoline-engine vehicles.
  • ENEOS 5W-40 High-performance motor oil that meets the latest standard of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).
  • ENEOS ECO-ATF ENEOS ECO-ATF is a well-balanced fluid for automobiles with automatic transmissions.
  • ENEOS CVT Fluid ENEOS CVT Fluid is a well-balanced fluid specially designed for automobiles with metal-belt CVTs.
  • ENEOS Gear Oil ENEOS 75W-90 gear oil (manual transmission fluid) available now! Inquire from your local dealers.

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